Managing diversity

Diversity consists of factors. Some of them include personal characteristics such as age, gender, race - that is characteristics that we cannot change in the course of our lives; and characteristics that we can change such as religion and beliefs, work-style etc.

The aim of managing diversity is to ensure that all employees are in the situation of maximising their potential and enhancing their self-development in order to make essential contributions to the success of the organisation. Diversity in the workplace can increase marketing opportunities, recruitment and business image. It is also well known that companies and institutions that assume social responsabilities gain greater respect from the public opinion.

Another aim of managing diversity is to bind people that work for you to your company or institution. It might sound obvious but the more people feel respected, the more they will feel bound to the company. They will be more motivated and sick less often.

Companies which know how to respect diversity usually receive recommendations, thus making it easier for you to recruit personnel.

As you can see there are quite a few resons to pursue managing diversity.

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