Intercultural training

Intercultural training is a chance for you to get to know your cultural identity better. Knowing more about yourself and your cultural identity will enable you to deal with foreign cultures without fears or insecurities. To work effectively across the boundaries between cultures will be easier. The training is for corporations and public organisations as well as for individuals.

We distinguish between cross-cultural training and country-specific intercultural training.

Cross-cultural training:

This training will allow you to find out where your fears and insecurities in relation to foreign cultures originate. You will find out more about those parts of your personality that hinder you from developing intercultural sensitivity.
We suggest this type of training especially for people working in a multicultural environment.

Country-specific cultural training:

This training is aimed at people who want to know more about intercultural differences between Germany and Italy. It will increase your awareness of cultural factors such as national characteristics, different ways of perceiving reality and different stiyles of interacting.
Along with this training we also recommend booking a language course.